Are you interested in working with educational experts in the field of engaged learning and educational technology? Do you need support in introducing or enhancing the implementation of inquiry-based learning in your STEM classes? Do you want your learners to acquire 21st-century skills? Are you looking for tailored digital resources?

The Go-Lab Initiative team offers schools and educational institutions several pedagogical consultancy services. These include:

The introduction of innovative teaching strategies and tools

- Consultancy on the integration of innovative, learner-centred approaches, such as inquiry-based learning, collaborative learning, and reflective learning, into your classroom activities, taking into account different classroom scenarios and settings.

- Development of a tailored plan for the integration of state-of-the-art teaching strategies, taking into account your schools’ or institutions’ infrastructure, curriculum, teachers’ professional development and learners’ competencies and backgrounds.

- Assisting the transition of STEM education to include pedagogically sound digital solutions. Support can include the creation of high-quality resources and teachers’ further development with theoretical and hands-on activities.

- Development of interactive virtual learning scenarios and the integration of digital learning tools, including online labs, learning apps, as well as self- and peer-assessment tools.

The creation of high-quality digital lessons (Inquiry Learning Spaces)

- Development of high-quality digital lessons, the so-called Inquiry Learning Spaces – ILSs, customized to your needs and the needs of your students. These can cover the entire curriculum or specific themes and competencies. For a set of exemplary ILSs, please visit this page.

- Development of offline-ready ILSs, which can be easily shared with the learners using the Viewer application.

- Inquiry Learning Spaces can be developed by our team according to your specifications or by our experts together with you (co-creation), which will allow better elaboration of your requirements and provide you with skills to easily develop ILSs on your own in the future.

The adaptation and localisation of the Go-Lab ecosystem and services

- The Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Apps and Spaces can be adapted and localised to accommodate your pedagogical, cultural and language requirements. This includes professional translation and adaptation of the learning tools and content; for more complex services, such as the localisation of the whole Go-Lab ecosystem, please refer to the technical consultancy page.

- Go-Lab teacher training programmes can be customized according to the requirements of your country, taking into account the school curriculum. We can offer training in most of European languages. Also, for countries outside Europe, adaptation and localisation of the training courses are possible.

We work closely with educational institutions, including ministries of education and teacher training institutes, schools and lab providers and we are always looking forward to a new challenge and cooperation opportunity! Are you interested in one or more of the offered pedagogical consultancy services?

To learn more about these services or to inquire about unlisted ones, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Disclaimer: Go-Lab is there for free and it will stay for free. Income generated through premium activities is solely meant to maintain and further develop the Go-Lab ecosystem in order to better meet your needs and requirements.