Premium Apps or the teacher dashboard apps extend the Go-Lab ecosystem and enrich teachers’ experience by providing convenient tools for viewing students’ products (e.g. their entries in an ILS or uploaded assignments) and grading students’ quizzes in one dashboard. This way, you can keep an overview of the work done by the students, evaluate its quality and improvement potential, provide feedback and individual support, and assess the performance of your students.

Quiz Overview

This app gives a summary of all the quizzes contained in the ILS, by showing a graphical overview of the answers of all students combined together, and also that of individual students. You can give a score to each answer of every question. For some question types, the score is automatically computed but can be manually changed later. The app automatically computes the total score each student received and the average score for each question and quiz among all students.

Quiz Overview app

App Overview

This tool shows the teacher what the students have done in the other apps included in the ILS. For each app, you can choose to view the content created by all the students at once or by each student separately. The App Overview can display the contents of the following apps: concept mapper, hypothesis scratchpad, question scratchpad, conclusion tool, data viewer, table tool, observation tool, and input box.

Overview tool

The teacher dashboard apps are premium apps. If you are interested in using them, please visit the School Membership page, since these apps are available for our Go-Lab schools as a bonus. In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.