In addition to the collection of free online labs available in Golabz, starting 2020 we will offer a collection of premium labs, containing advanced remote labs and 3D virtual labs. These labs give your students a real hands-on experience of conducting scientific experiments using laboratories of renowned universities remotely or simulating the laboratory experience in a 3D virtual lab.

Premium remote labs

The remote labs are real laboratories of universities and scientific institutions, which can be operated using a remote web-access. Let your students program an Arduino robot or create an electrical circuit and see how it works in reality! Study how different substances affect the nervous system of real planarians! Demonstrate the conservation of momentum and energy with a Newton's cradle!

Here are the advantages of premium remote labs at a glance:

  • High reliability: each remote lab is installed in multiple institutions all over the world, so you can always have access. 
  • Availability: with remote labs, students can access the experimental hardware any time at any place, be it at school, at home, or in a cafeteria with friends. And the good news is: you do not have to install or maintain this hardware at your institution – just simply subscribe to the remote labs' service!
  • Simultaneous use: students can access one lab at the same time, due to its multiple installations. But what happens if there are hundreds of students having their class at the same time? No worries, for this case we provide also pre-recorded versions of the labs: for each experimental setting, there are multiple recordings. Even if you perform the same experiment many times with the same settings, you will always get a slightly different result, as in a real lab.
  • Engagement: remote labs provide students with a real lab experience. Using a remote lab, students get actively involved in the topic of study, they acquire deep conceptual knowledge by means of inquiry, and link theory to practice through experimentation. The real hands-on experience motivates young people for doing science, deepens their understanding and, thus, improves their performance.

3D virtual labs

The 3D virtual labs go beyond a simple experiment simulation. Imagine your student entering the laboratory, putting on the gown, choosing and preparing the equipment, and starting the experiment. This is what the 3D labs offer: a complete experience as if it would be a real lab. Studying with a virtual lab, students are confronted with multiple action options and have to make decisions, which, in turn, determine the further course of the simulation. Each lab supports various scenarios and hundreds of experiments, based on state-of-the-art scientific models and actual research data.

Premium labs will be available in Golabz starting 2020 as a yearly school subscription. After the collection has been unlocked for your school, you will be able to create ILSs using those labs and share them with your students as usual. For further information, pricing, and booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Disclaimer: Go-Lab is there for free and it will stay for free. Income generated through premium activities is solely meant to maintain and further develop the Go-Lab ecosystem in order to better meet your needs and requirements.