The Go-Lab initiative now offers an executive Go-Lab school membership for

Introducing Go-Lab in your school


The Go-Lab executive membership includes the following elements:


Here are your options at a glance:

  BASIC membership PRO membership
Hours of pedagogical consultancy per year starting with 20 hours starting with 40 hours
Basic and advanced training courses (half-day) 15% discount 15% discount
Three-days training courses without discount 15% discount
Free demo-access to premium labs for onem month included included
Two hours of free support on the use of premium labs included included
Free full access to premium dashboard apps not included included


Information and booking

Go-Lab executive school membership is available in different countries (the information for each country will be provided on this page soon). If you are interested in becoming, Go-Lab Member School, simply contact us for more information, including pricing and booking!


Disclaimer: Go-Lab is there for free and it will stay for free. Income generated through premium activities is solely meant to maintain and further develop the Go-Lab ecosystem in order to better meet your needs and requirements.