The Go-Lab Initiative team offers a variety of technical consultancy services. These services are available to educational institutes, organizations and companies, such as ministries of education, teacher training institutes, universities, schools, publishers and online lab providers.

Our services include…

Integration into your learning environment

- Platforms: if your organisation already has a learning environment (e.g. an LMS), a virtual grade book, a school administration system, or any other type of software you use to manage your teaching and learning activities, the Go-Lab team can help you in integrating the Go-Lab ecosystem into your infrastructure. After having collected your technical and usage requirements, we will evaluate in what extent the integration is possible and provide you with a solution best accommodating your needs. Our technical experts will take care about the software part and our consultants will assist you in rolling-out the integrated platform.

- Tools and content: if you are interested in integrating single online labs, inquiry learning apps, or Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) or you want to bridge your learning environment with a repository for online labs, our technical experts are there for you! Most of laboratories of large providers as well as the Go-Lab ILSs are LTI-compatible; furthermore, Go-Lab has its own custom solution, the Smart Gateway, enabling the integration of any web-based learning tools. Our expert team is here to consult you on the solution best fitting to your usage scenario!

Integration into digital study books

- Labs and Apps: are you developing interactive study books containing multimedia learning materials? Then the online labs and inquiry apps are the right tools to complement your instructional scenario! Our pedagogical and technical experts will assist you in combining your text and video materials with interactive learning tools into pedagogically sound study books, providing your students a truly new learning experience! 

- Content: digital text-based study books or print books can be enriched by including interactive Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) accompanying each topic of the book. The Go-Lab team will help you develop professional ILSs, including virtual labs, inquiry learning apps, and other multimedia learning materials. The ILSs can be included into your digital books or provided in addition to your print books as links or on an electronic device.

Labs and Apps on demand

- Labs: offers you the largest collection of online labs. If you would like to have a virtual lab developed for a specific topic, or if you are interested in installing a remote lab at your institute, our experts will develop, install and ensure the maintenance of the lab.

- Apps: Go-Lab Apps have been created by pedagogical and technical experts to facilitate inquiry, collaborative and self-reflective learning. If you have a specific learning application that you would like to have developed, our experts are always ready for a new challenge!

- Try it yourself! Would you like to develop your own Labs and Apps? Use our open-source developers’ framework and get personalized support.

If you are looking for the development of digital lessons (Inquiry Learning Spaces), please visit our Pedagogical Consultancy page.

Usage analytics

Educational institutes, online lab providers and publishers can benefit from our advanced usage analytics to learn more about the number of users, sessions, and geographical data.

To learn more about these services or to inquire about unlisted ones, please do not hesitate to contact us!