The Go-Lab Initiative team offers teachers, educators and school leaders a set of courses to help introduce Inquiry Learning with Go-Lab in the classroom. Ministries of Education, Teacher Training Institutes, and other stakeholders are also invited to book courses for their teachers!


Basic course (4 hours)

In this course, participants will learn in an interactive and playful way the basic principles of inquiry learning and how Go-Lab can help to introduce inquiry learning in the classroom. This course is suited for larger groups of teachers who would like to have a first and basic overview of the principles of inquiry learning and the technologies that can be used to support the inquiry process.

Advanced course 1 (4 hours)

In this course, the knowledge of inquiry processes is deepened, and characteristic problems of students are highlighted. Scientific evidence underlying inquiry learning is presented. During this course, participants will create their first and initial digital lesson or inquiry learning space (ILS) with the Go-Lab ecosystem. This is done in pairs or larger groups of teachers collaboratively creating an ILS.

Advanced course 2 (4 hours)

In the second part of the advanced course, advanced design elements of Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) will be discussed and practiced. The topics include how to design an ILS based on principles of cognitive load theory, the use of learning analytics apps for teachers and learners, and inquiry learning and flipping the classroom with Go-Lab. Feedback on the initial ILS designs from the participants is given.

Dedicated course 

If you have specific requirements, it is always possible to offer a tailor-made course. This can be an adaptation of an existing course or a newly designed course. All courses are given in an interactive way by instructors who have a solid background in inquiry learning and who have deep knowledge of the Go-Lab ecosystem. Topics in each course are related to the latest scientific findings from educational research. Courses can be given in English or in your local language.


Information and booking

Go-Lab teacher training is provided in several languages and is available in different countries. Here is a list of some of the countries where you can get your Go-Lab training by our local partners. If you don't find your flag, don't worry! Simply contact us for more informationincluding pricing and booking!


Disclaimer: Go-Lab is there for free and it will stay for free. Income generated through premium activities is solely meant to maintain and further develop the Go-Lab ecosystem in order to better meet your needs and requirements.