InSTEAM (Inclusive Environmental STEAM Education with Online Labs) aims to create a series of learning resources that allow for more individualized, inclusive and personalized STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning. The goal is to establish pathways for inclusive, innovative and interdisciplinary environmental STEAM education that reduces disparities in access to and engagement with digital STEAM education.

InSTEAM is carried out with partners in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, as the approaches and curricula are similarly suited to introduce innovative, digital and inclusive environmental STEAM education. The project uses the highly successful Go-Lab Ecosystem ( and its award-winning tools to create a series of inclusive and engaging STEAM lessons, as well as offer guidance and training to teachers on how to implement, adapt and even create lessons based on the principles of students’ self-regulation, differentiation and other pedagogical principles.

The project offers to teachers a series of inclusive learning scenarios in form of Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) within the Go-Lab Ecosystem. The consortium identified three topics (Climate change; Renewable energy; Water management) for a series of ca. 6-10 ILS each. In total 25 ILSs will be built. Thirty teachers in each participating country will test the developed inclusive learning scenarios.