Next-Lab (Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for Collaborative Science Education with Online Labs) focused on introducing inquiry-based science education (IBSE) in schools and continued the mission of the Go-Lab project, promoting innovative and interactive teaching methods in primary and secondary schools. Next-Lab brought the Go-Lab ecosystem to a new level of innovation, providing advanced collaboration facilities for teachers and students, online labs for younger students (primary school), learning apps helping students to acquire 21st-century skills, an ePortfolio tool, and other new features.

Furthermore, the Next-Lab project addressed pre-service teachers by cooperating with teacher training institutions and contributing to their training programmes. Next-Lab provided training and support to teachers in 30 European countries, extending the Go-Lab community and facilitating cross-border teacher collaboration. You can learn more about the project by visiting the Deliverables page.

The project was funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731685. The consortium consisted of universities, research institutes, as well as technical organizations from 12 European countries.