Next-Lab Taiwan (Next-Lab, of Taiwan, by Taiwan, and for Taiwan) is funded by the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) to implement the new vision of science education in Taiwan. By joining the Next-Lab project, NTNU aims at encouraging teachers to create innovative and interactive teaching methods to introduce inquiry-based science education.

The Next-Lab project provides an online science learning ecosystem (the Go-Lab ecosystem), which contains hundreds of remote and virtual science labs, apps to support inquiry learning, and open web-based learning environments. NTNU contributes to the Next-Lab project through innovation and dissemination by:

  1. developing localized innovative online labs and learning applications to be shared in the Go-Lab Ecosystem
  2. promoting the Go-Lab ecosystem to secondary schools in Taiwan
  3. examining the effectiveness of using Go-Lab in science education in Taiwan

Joining the Next-Lab project does not only provide Taiwanese science educators with a new, open, cloud-based tool for teaching, but it also helps Taiwanese students to acquire learning and innovation skills needed in the 21st century.