The ROLE project (Responsive Open Learning Environments) was centred around the concept of self-regulated learning supporting (lifelong) learners in constructing their Personal Learning Environments according to their learning goals, experiences, and preferences. ROLE provided a framework supporting individual composition of learning services, tools, and resources and aimed at empowering each user to generate new tools and functions according to their needs.

In the scope of the ROLE project, the collaborative learning environment Graasp was developed, which was later adapted in the Go-Lab, Next-Lab and GO-GA projects to support inquiry-based science education, particularly, enabling teachers to create Inquiry Learning Spaces. Furthermore, the ROLE Widget Store served as a prototype for the Golabz repository for Online Labs, Inquiry Apps, and Inquiry Learning Spaces, currently known as the Go-Lab Sharing and Support platform, Golabz.

ROLE was funded by the European Commission, in the theme ICT-2007 Digital Libraries and technology-enhanced learning, as a Large-scale integrating project (IP), under the Seventh Framework Programme, grant agreement No 231396. ROLE was a European collaborative project with 16 internationally renowned research groups from 6 EU countries and China.