Science Created by You (SCY) was funded by the European Union’s FP7-ICT programme, under grant agreement No 212814. SCY's basic philosophy was that the learning of science is a process of creating knowledge by learners. The overall objective of the project was to construct and evaluate an environment that can foster such creation processes and provide learners with authentic scientific and technological missions that engage them in true investigative and constructive activities.

SCY aimed to take science education to the next level by developing a flexible, open-ended learning environment that engages and empowers adolescent learners. Within this learning environment -called SCY-Lab- students embarked on authentic 'SCY missions' that could be completed through constructive and productive learning activities. The SCY philosophy of learning was 'learning by designing artifacts'. SCY-Lab provided adaptive support for these activities through providing students with pedagogical scaffolds, collaboration facilities, peer assessment, and social tagging tools. Some of these tools were the predecessors of Go-Lab's inquiry learning apps. Students' products (so-called Emerging Learning Objects) were saved in a repository and could be re-used by learners themselves and by other learners.