SimQuest was developed by the SERVIVE team with the aim to support teachers and designers in creating interactive simulations within an instructional environment and offer personalized support for learners.

SimQuest is an autonomous learning software, for the instruction and training, in technology and science domains. As a tool for building educational simulation environments, SimQuest offers more initiative and control in the hands of the instructor and student, contributing to the acquisition of knowledge. Using SimQuest, designers and teachers can create their own or modify existing interactive simulations. These can then be integrated with different assignments and explanations to guide and support the learners. Furthermore, the software comes with a Learner View, where learners can interact with the simulations and assignments, using the provided explanations and guidance when needed.

More specifically, SimQuest allows teachers and designers to create personalized simulations and learning environments for the learners and facilitates learning by discovery with personalized support for learners. SimQuest’s available and modifiable interactive simulations enable instructors to author and edit existing simulations, whereas using the extended library, teachers and designers can create their own interactive simulations. Several projects and providers have also used SimQuest for developing learning material.