The SiWay (STEM it your way!) project focused on designing and developing a Personal Learning Environment for inquiry-based learning in schools, with the aim to provide a platform to support teachers, students and parents. The project enabled teachers to create personalized learning scenarios for students and to monitor their progress. It also empowered students to study with innovative, interactive tools, and aided parents to support their children's learning processes.

The SiWay platform combined features of a Learning Management System (LMS), such as content and participant management, with features of the inquiry-based learning environment, the Go-Lab ecosystem. Furthermore, the SiWay platform integrated OER Repositories for STEM education and provided a recommendation system for teachers, to help them follow-up on their students, and create personalized learning environments depending on the students’ preferences and learning progress.

SiWay was funded by the IMAILE project under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme, grant agreement No 619231. The SiWay consortium consisted of 4 partners from the EU (Germany, Netherlands, Greece) and Switzerland, and 2 subcontracting partners from Belgium and Spain.