The TW1ST project (Twenty-first-century skills for technical education) is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and aims at developing and studying the means that will aid the education of 21st-century skills in the context of technical vocational education.

More specifically, the TW1ST project aims at providing an effective and stimulating learning environment, in which vocational-technical students acquire deeper domain knowledge as well as proficient skills relevant to their field of work. The project focuses on the development of two innovative learning packages built around virtual laboratories for vocational-technical education. These learning packages include computer simulations and assignments based on the concrete practices of companies and organizations in the region. Furthermore, specific cognitive tools for 21st-century skills training are provided. Finally, advanced learning analytics facilities give teachers insights into the learning and communication processes, so that they can best support their students.

The TW1ST project provides important output for both science and education. Teacher workshops, digital learning environments, labs, and cognitive tools are being developed. Furthermore, measurement instruments are being created and scientific experimental research is being conducted.